Pada-Mu Ku Bersujud

"Ya Allah, wahai Zat Yang Maha Kaya, wahai Zat Yang Maha Terpuji, wahai Zat Yang Memulai, wahai Zat Yang Mengembalikan, wahai Zat Yang Maha Penyayang, wahai Zat Yang Maha Pengasih. Cukupilah kami dengan kehalalan-Mu dari keharaman-Mu. Cukupilah kami dengan anugerah-Mu dari selain-Mu Semoga Allah sentiasa melimpahkan rahmat dan kesejahteraan atas junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, keluarga dan para sahabat beliau."

"Ya Allah, aku memohon kepada Engkau ilmu yang berguna, rezeki yang luas dan kesembuhan dari segala rupa penyakit.""
Ya Allah, cukupilah aku dengan kehalalanMu dari keharamanMu dan cukupilah aku dengan kurniaMu dari selainMu !""Ya Allah! Jadikanlah aku dicintai (dikasihi) pada hati orang-orang mukmin, dan jadikanlah serta sampaikanlah sehingga 120 tahun, maka Allah adalah sebaik-baik Pemelihara dan Dia Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang, segala puja dan puji bagi Allah, Tuhan Sekalian Alam"
"Ya Allah! Ampunilah aku dan kedua ibu bapaku, rahmatilah keduanya sebagaimana mereka telah memeliharaku di masa kecilku. Ya Allah! Ampunilah sekalian orang Muslimin dan Muslimat, begitu juga sekalian orang mukminin dan mukminat, berilah kami (waktu berada) di dunia ini kebaikan (kesenangan), ketika di akhirat juga kebaikan (kesenangan) dan peliharalah kami dari azab neraka."

Testimoni Crest 3D Whitestrip Professional Effects

Crest 3D Whitestrip Professional Effects

You can totally see how much whiter they are right?  This is after  20 treatments  total. Let me tell you a story about my teeth. 

i have yellow teeth due to my smoking condition and because i like to drink so much of tea. It took me quite awhile when i realize that my teeth are yellow. I started too worried and I felt shy to smile concerned that people will notice my unpleasant yellow teeth. and yeah.. i cannot pull off the look with a pale or rose color lipsticks as the color makes my teeth looks even more yellow. so, I went to the dentist at my University and got my teeth scaling and polishing but these procedures won’t make your teeth whiter as it only removes the plaque build up on your teeth but i absolutely felt that my teeth are cleaner than before and the service is FREE. I asked if the dental clinic at the university performs a teeth whitening but unfortunately they don’t and they told me i can get my teeth whiten at the private dental clinic but for one day in office treatment going to my cost me RM1400++ and added that most of private clinic would offer a whitening take home kit imported from US for RM250++. I was like whattttt????

anyway I did thinking on getting my teeth bleach with that take home kit as i could not afford to do the one day treatment but then i went googling on teeth whitening product and found this blue laser light whitening kit for RM50 and immediately bought them! i follow  the instruction manual which says I have to put a little product on the mouth trays and insert them in my mouth for 20-30 minutes along with the blue light laser. urghhhh.....I felt the 20 minutes was like hours. i surrendered on the 15. sigh.....Maybe because i have a smaller mouth and the blue laser device is big, so when i wore them my saliva oozing from the side of my mouth and I had to suck it back or constantly wipe. sucks tho....I cannot do anything else while wearing them, have to keep my mouth shut and it is such a hassle. I wore them about two times and started looking for other alternatives. 

My friend recommends me to rub charcoal on the teeth, rubbing on some baking soda mix with lime juice, banana peel, strawberry and many other natural ingredients. When i was doing the baking soda treatment i felt that my gum is burning and bleed. I figured these are due to the abrasive property that the baking soda have so i stop the treatment and again all these methods are a hassle to me. So then i thinking back on going to the private dental clinic to do the whitening take home kit but then i figured the take home kit is pretty much like the one i bought before.. i have to syringe off the gel onto the mouth tray and let it sit on my mouth for 90 minutes or overnight. 

And yeahhh so i changed my mind and again look for other alternatives and then i found out about crest white strips and looking into some testimony about them on youtube. To my surprise, many people have tried this product and succeed. They actually achieving the bright whiter pearly teeth but sadly this product are not sold in Malaysia. I made contacts with a friend from US to get me those. Cost me about 50 US Dollar Include shipping and handling and after converted to Malaysian currency it is about rm 155. Once i received them, i immediately use them and I figured that it is user-friendly; I only have to simply take the strips off and attached them on my teeth waited for 30 minutes. It is really convenient.. i can do other things without concerning about it , i can even talk on the phone! i took pictures starting from day one until the 20 days treatment on the same room with the same lighting to observed the changes. After 3 days, i started noticing lighter shades on my teeth but i did experience discomfort on my teeth so i took an advice from a crest whitestrip user to use the sensodyne tooth paste for sensitive teeth to help reduce the discomfort. And it works!. I continued using the crest and completed the 20 days treatment and i’m very happy with the results. Now my teeth are whiter and i’m no longer shy to put up a smile. And i think this product is totally a catch. It is affordable, easy to use, it have enamel safe features and importantly it works.. no hassle. And here i’m showing you the before and after picture. You guys might wanna take a look. So thats all about it. Cheers peeps!

 before.. picture taken when i was in perhentian september last year.. wow.. its really that yellow my teeth there... captured under bright sunny day in the island. mind the tanning skin.. hehe..
after.. very recent.. picture taken in 3rd october 2012... before going out on a date with mr boyfie.. hehe.. anyway he noticed the whiter teeth.. i want him to wear them too as the guys teeth always much much more yellowish than us girl due to their heavy smoking condition.. 

here i zoom in a bit to compare the color..

hehe.. much different right? 


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